Our mould removal process is designed to reset your property to a safe condtion. We remove the surface mould, fog the property to kill all mould spores and apply bio-films to the walls to give long term protection. Finally, we HEPA vac the area to ensure that all dead mould spores are removed as the WHO states that these are as dangerous as living mould spores.

Every job comes with a Mould Prevention Plan (either before or after the work) which will explain any additional steps required to prevent mould returning long term. This could include removal of contaminated materials, installation of ventilation or insulation plus building works. 

We can quote for the majority of work and will provide a complete service. 

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What our customers say...

  • Mould in 2 rooms - Via Checkatrade

    "Ministry of Mould visited and conducted a mould survey...talked through the issue and quickly provided a full report...the work was prompt and professional"

  • Survey - Via Checkatrade

    ".... very pleasant and informative. Has provided the help that I needed without any heavy sales pitch"

  • Comprehensive Mould Remediation - Via Google Reviews

    "...the work was carried out to a great standard and has made a big difference to our home"

  • Household Mould Removal - Via Checkatrade

    "We contacted Tom and he was really pleasant and helpful. He was able to come around at very short notice to help treat two large patches of mould that had recurred in the house. Overall he did a great job at treating these, and he was thorough in his assessment as to the cause, doing a full thermal study to reveal issues with insulation in the house. .."

  • Tom came to look at our mould problem - Via Checkatrade

    "He was extremely helpful and professional cannot fault five stars!!! His honesty shone through as he felt I should consult a damp specialist firm first and pointed me in that direction. Would definitely recommend his services. Ray"

  • First Time Buyer - Exeter

    "...Would very much recommended to anyone looking for mould treatment and management in their property, especially first time buyers where damp can be incredibly scary prospect and with a lot of overselling that goes on to manage it by other companies."

Our Mould Removal Process

We use a four step process which can be summed up simply as clean it, kill it, test it, prevent it. As Dewpoint Accredited mould technicians we treat your property with utmost care. Air scrubbers are used to prevent any mould from spreading while cleaning.

Step 1

Clean It

Before we touch any mould we turn on the HEPA filters to start clearing the air of any mould spores. We HEPA vac the visible mould to suck up the loose spores. Using some solid elbow grease together with some nifty products we remove the mould stain as much as possible.

Killing mould during mould removal

Step 2

Kill It

Once the mould is removed our task is to kill all mould in the property using a combination of directly applied products and fogging where appropriate. Our aim here is to ensure that all mould is killed to prevent further growth.

Step 3

Test It

Following completion of the mould removal process we will carry out air sampling to confirm that all of the mould has been removed. This is included in the standard service FREE of charge.

Step 4

Prevent It

Probably the most important step in the process is the help we give you to ensure that mould does not return. Every mould removal job includes a written Mould Prevention Plan identifying any sources of water or building defects which may have caused the mould outbreak. We give you guidance to resolve these and can even carry out some works ourselves.

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